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Illinois Sparkling Co.

Illinois Sparkling Co. is an independent craft winery obsessed with making exceptional sparkling wine using the traditional method. The grapes used in our sparkling wines are 100% Illinois grown, and each wine is handcrafted at our winery in Peru, Illinois.

Our Mission
You'd think that our goal would be to make world-class traditional method sparkling wines right here in Illinois. And it is. But that's not all. The other goal of Illinois Sparkling Co. is to show people that sparkling wines don't have to be stuffy or intimidating. Blame it on the infamous Mid-West Practicality.

Think about it. Champagne and sparkling wines are used all around the world to celebrate, commemorate, and indulge - it's kind of like the cake of the wine world when you think about it. So why does it feel so intimidating and overly formal? By embracing the spirit of sparkling wine (rather than the hype) we hope to make Illinois Sparkling Co. as unique and approachable as our wines.

Our Story
Years ago Mark & Teri Wenzel, owners of August Hill Winery, became fascinated with Champagne. When Mark, the winemaker for August Hill, realized that Illinois was a region primed to produce world-class sparkling wine grapes, he dove headfirst into sparkling experimentation. After years of research, trials, and some great advice from Champagne producers, he was finally creating sparkling wines that just might put Illinois on the winemaking map. And Illinois Sparkling Co. was born.

Our winemaker, Mark Wenzel.

It was such an honor for us to be a part of the USS ILLINOIS Commissioning Celebration. Here are some of the highlights of the weekend . . .


Off we go to Oswego!  Let out your inner wine geek and come festival with us May 6 & 7.  We promise it will be fun.