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What is Assemblage?

Getting ready for assemblage

Assemblage. A winemaker puts a whole lot of thought, as well as a good amount of heart and soul, into this process. So what is assemblage?


How to Open a Bottle of Bubbly

Mark opens bottle of sparkling wine
Our iSc sparkling wines contain millions of bubbles, and the corks can zoom out of the bottle. Winemaker, Mark Wenzel, shows us how to open a bottle without losing any of the precious bubbles. 


The Art of Toasting

ISC staff toast

"He who clinks his cup with mine, adds a glory to the wine" - George Sterling, American Poet

Learn about the history, the rules, and the art of the perfect sparkling wine toast. 


Traditional Method vs Charmat Method

ISC Brut

There are many different ways to create bubbles in wine. Some are easy, some are incredibly involved.


Pre-Season Pruning

illinois sparkling co vineyard pruning

Believe it or not, creating fabulous wines starts in the vineyard. The pruning process is crucial to producing exceptional grapes. 



It was such an honor for us to be a part of the USS ILLINOIS Commissioning Celebration. Here are some of the highlights of the weekend . . .


Off we go to Oswego!  Let out your inner wine geek and come festival with us May 6 & 7.  We promise it will be fun.